We have a variety of services around organ construction and care for our customers. Your wishes are important to us. That’s why we have employees, which are specialized in different areas and give their best for you.

All of our organs, no matter if new construction, reconstruction or restoration, combine historic aesthetics with the most modern organ-building technology. Of course these high standards are met by all of our used organs.

As organ-builds we are always trying to combine traditional and modern times. This symbiosis mirror itself in our artful instruments. A Schuke organ is an individual masterpiece – made only for you.

Please inform yourselves about our services on this page.

Organ building

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We build organs of all sizes. Just as diverse as the rooms in which organs stand, our high-quality are different and variety rich in looks.

Organ restoration

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When restoring missing party are reconstructed in the same material and building style of the old masters, to preserve a maximum of historical substance.

Organ reconstruction

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With the reconstruction of organs, we pay attention in combining the old character of the instrument with modern craftsmanship, in order to obtain the best results.

Tuning / Care

Even though regularly playing is the best care for an instrument, every organ must be tuned and cared for now and then. This is a service we would always like to take care of for you.

Repair / Cleaning

Organs consist of many separate parts. Even though our products are of highest quality, a defect may occur or the organ gathers dust over time. In this case we are happy to help.


The processing of the highest quality materials is a given for us. For this reason we only use the noblest woods for our organs. Please inform yourselves.