Century old traditions combined with today’s scientific knowledge: our work is in the area of conflict between continuity and change, old and new, consistency and progress.

Allow yourselves a peek into the most renowned projects of the company Schuke in following areas: new construction of organs, restoration, and research.

The company Schuke itself as well as our first class and high-quality products are oft the subjects of publications.

On this page you can find a selection of Medias, from which you could recognize us.


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In close cooperation with the University of Potsdam an objective measurement method was developed, which is the scientific basis for replicas and the original sound giving elements for example of baroque organ pipes.


  • Prof.-Adalbert-Seifriz-Prize 2011
  • Innovation Prize Berlin Brandenburg 2009
  • Future Prize Brandenburg 2009
  • Technological Transfer Preis 2001
  • Prof.-Adalbert-Seifriz-Prize 2001

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In his function as an engaged personality in the German organ construction, master organ-builder Matthias Schuke received the Verdienskreuz of the Bundesrepublik Germany in 1998.
Since the awarding of the Professor-Adalbert-Seifriz-Prize in September 2001 we have received an influx of requests for new construction of church and concert organs from in the country and outside.
Since our organs are handmade and every piece is unique, we are always trying to listen to your individual wishes and to realize these in the highest possible quality.

With over 800 organs in countries all over the word, Schuke is an internationally active company. From Mexico to Taiwan – our organs are played worldwide.

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