Musicians and Events

Famous musicians let the Schuke Organs make unique melodies. Of this we are especially proud. At the intonation of our works we work with highest precision and care and that is valued by renowned organists.

Barry Jordan

Barry Jordan is a German church-musician of South African heritage, wo was a appointed as church-musician in 1994 and church-music director in 2003 at the Magdeburger Dom.

Since 2008 there is one of our precious organs in the Magdeburger Dom and serves the musical exposition of the artist.

Prof. Silvius Carlos Benedict von Kessel

Silvius Carlos Benedict von Kessel is a German organist and university teacher. He is cathedral organist at the catholic Dome St. Marien to Erfurt an honorary professor for organ at the college of music Franz Liszt in Weimar.

Since 1992 the main organ from Schuke is in the Dome St. Marien to Erfurt.


Michael Schönheit

Michael Schönheit is a German organist and conductor. Appointed in 1986,
Michael Schönheit is Gewandhaus organist and plays on the Schuke organ in the
great hall of the Gewandhaus Leipzig.