The workshop

Our workshop was built in 2004 and is located in the Havel meadows in Werder near Potsdam. Our building is divided into a workshop area and an office area. The workshops are located on the ground floor, what allows an efficient work between all areas. Furthermore, we have our own wood store on our ground, where the wood is deposited and optimal drying is ensured.



Our own foundry and metal pipe workshop

As one of only a few organ builders in Germany, we have our own goiters and metal pipe making. In our foundry we can heat various alloys and produce plate material for the organ pipes. A special feature is our reconstructed historical alloy “English tin”. It consists of 96% tin and other important elements, which are of great importance for the stability of the pipes.

Furthermore, we have had our planing machine modernized in cooperation with the University of Potsdam and provided with a computer control. As a result, we are able not only to periodically linearly thin a cast organ metal plate in thickness, but also to profile it. Thus, there is the possibility to perform the strength of the pipe wall to the top down, which saves material and weight. We can apply this procedure up to 16-foot-size in our workshop.

Due to our special alloy and the possibility of thinning the pipe wall upwards, our pipes are particularly stable. A deformation, even after decades is excluded. Since we have had some 25 years of experience with this special manufacturing method of our front pipes, we offer our customers a guarantee on the stability of our 25 year pipe whistles.



Our wood workshop with assembly hall

In our wood workshop the windchests, bellows, wooden pipes, the tone and register mechanics as well as the body of the organs are built. In addition to the wood workshop is our assembly hall with a length, width and height of 10 meters. Thus, we have the opportunity to build big organs in the workshop. All parts of the organ can be preassembled and adapted so that the assembly time on site in the church or in the concert hall is shortened.