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Why abcfinance media-solutions?

abcfinance media-solutions knows its business. It follows market movements. It is familiar with special conditions. And it offers unique financing products for the world of media. With a financially strong group as a safety in the background. Bank and producer neutral. For more than 30 years.

What is the difference between leasing and rent-to-buy?

With a leasing contract the accounting and the deduction of the leasing object take place with the leasing offering party. The leasing rate is directly deductible with the taking party (tax deductions). The sales tax is due for every agreed payment and deductible in this amount as a pre-tax.

With rent-to-buy, the rent-buy-object is a fixed asset of the rent-to-buyer and is directly
deducted from this. The rent-to-buy rate is booked as interest and repayment. The sales tax is due for the sum of all payments, which have to be made in the realm of this contract, and must be payed at the start of the rent-to-buy period.

What happens when I send away my application?

You will be personally contacted be Alexander Mut from abcfinance media-solutions within 24 hours. In a telephone call or personal meeting you will get complementary advice to your application. If you wish, Mr. Mut will calculate a personal and non-committal offer and will give you a financing confirmation after a short check. After receiving your application for financing in writing, you can pick up your product. abcfinance media-solutions will pay the open bill at Schuke.

The Steps in short:

1. Your application at

2.Contact with abcfinance media-solutions

– Financing offer for you
– Financing commitment from abc
– Application in writing from you to abc

3. You confirm the receipt of your product and abcfinance media-solutions pays the open bill at Alexander Schuke Orgelbau GmbH

Alexander Mut, Mittelstandsberater

Alexander Mut
SME adviser

abcfinance GmbH
Bramfelder Str. 110a
22305 Hamburg

Telephone:  040 61 18 43 50
Telefax:  040 61 18 43 30
Mobile:  0171 552 81 87

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Gladly we would like to personally advise you and discuss the ideal finance solution with you, for your own Schuke organ.

Your request will be processed as soon as possible by the abc finance GmbG in cooperation with Alexander Schuke Orgelbau GmbH


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