Company History

Since almost 200 Years in the Service of the “King of Instruments”

  • The master organ-builder Gottlieb Heise founded the Potsdamer company.
  • In 1848 Carl Ludwig Gesell took over the business.
  • Alexander Schuke bought the enterprise in this year and with that he founded the family company, which quickly became a famous company in Germany.
  • After his death in 1933 his two sons, Carl Ludwig Schuke and Hans-Joachim Schuke, took over the business together. Already in 1935 , in the time of the organ movement, the brothers build one of the first mechanical slider chest organs with rediscovered baroque sound conception.
  • The brothers split in 1953. Hans-Joachim Schuke continued to successfully lead the Organ-Building Company Alexander Schuke Potsdam as a lone manager.
  • The company is nationalized in 1972. The following 18 years its name is VEB Potsdamer Schuke Organbau. From 1976 until 1990 the leadership of the nationalized company lied in the hands of authorized officer Max Thiel, who retired on July 1st 1990.
  • Matthias Schuke, employee since 1974, reprivatized the company in 1990 and is the owner and manager since then.
  • 2004 the company moved to a new workshop building in the Havelauen in Werder(Havel).
  • Michael Schuke, son of Matthias Schuke, learns in 2006 the profession of organ builder
  • with 10 years of professional experience, Michael Schuke starts the master class and successfully completes it in 2016
  • in 2017, Michael Schuke joins the management of the family business together with his brother Johannes, who studied industrial engineering at the Technical University of Berlin