When designing the sound, we lay high value in the close teamwork of scientists,
musicians and organ builders.

Organ building thorugh passion and tradition.

With a Schuke Organ, big things can arise -
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Our historic organs make history

We build, restore, reconstruct and maintain organs
of all sizes and building styles.

Allow yourself to peek into the future with our modern organs

You can find our first-class Schuke Organs in Cathedrals,
Churches and community rooms, as well as in concert houses, philharmonics
and music schools all over the world.
New construction of Organs

The construction of new organs is based upon the mold of historic examples as well as distinctly modern designs. Our organs are handmade and are on par with the newest Standards of organ construction in sound and technology.

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Organ restoration

When restoring an organ, the re-establishment of heritage products is the center of attention. Our focus lies in retaining the maximum of historical substance for the posterity.

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We offer a variety of services, from caretaking and maintenance all the way to repair and woodwork. The focus of our services lies in the proximity to our customers and their satisfaction.

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Schuke Organs in the entire world

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In the construction of organs, the company Schuke sets the highest international standards in tone, technology and design. Our 21 highly qualified employees ensure this:

Organbuilder, constructor, organ restorator, carpenter, metal pipe maker, voicer, precision mechanic, and electrician, among them 4 master craftsmen, a graduate physicist and an economist.

We build, restore, reconstruct and maintain organs of all sizes, in cathedrals, churches, community rooms as well as in concert houses, philharmonics, conservatoriums and music schools.

In this process, proven methods as well as the newest findings from tonal analysis and research projects, which we conduct in union with the University of Potsdam, flow into our work.

The results are instruments of very high quality.
From this quality, over 800 organs have been procreated in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Abkhazia, Taiwan, China, Mexico, Brazil, Gran Canaria, Venezuela and Korea.

A family history with almost 200 years of high-quality craftsmanship

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Since 1820 the company has coined organ construction by passion and entrepreneurial courage for success. As a family company that was taken over by Alexander Shuke in 1894 we convince until today with high-quality work, which is completed by the love for detail.

Quality, performance and passion